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NX – Create a family of standard parts (Excel)

Charles-Etienne Lavoie - Wednesday, July 04, 2012


                  Design Intent:

                  The most common use of Part Families is to define a standard library part that has many variations.

                  1. Create a hexbolt 



                  2. Rename the expression that you want to keep

                  •   a-Width = the radius of the cap

                    b-Length = length of screw


                  3. Define the columns for the Family Table.


                    Choose Tools→Part Families from the main menu bar.

                    Make sure the Importable Part Family Template option is cleared.

                    Click OK on the Warning dialog box.

                    Select the width expression from the top window of the Part Families dialog box.

                    Click the Add Column button.


                    Select the length expression from the top window of the Part Families dialog box.

                    Click the Add Column button.


                  Instead of choosing, Add Column, you could just double-click on the expression name in the Available Columns list, i.e. head_dia.


                    Change the option menu at the top of the dialog box from Expressions to Features.

                    Double-click chamfer from the top list of the Part Families dialog box.


                  The order in which you select the attributes determines the order of columns in the spreadsheet.


                  In production, you would specify a writable folder for the Family Save Directory, but it is not necessary for this activity since you are not creating Part Family Member files.

                  4.Create the family table.


                  •   Click the Create button from the bottom portion of the Part Families dialog box.



                  •   Type in a few values

                  5.Verify a family member


                    Select a cell in row 3.

                    From the spreadsheet ADD-INS menu bar, choose PartFamily→Verify Part.



                  The NX session becomes active and the family member is displayed in the graphics window.

                    Click Resume in the Part Families dialog box.


                  The Part Families dialog box may be obscured, if so, click anywhere in the NX window.

                  6.Save the Part Family and the template part.

                    From the spreadsheet menu bar, choose PartFamily→Save Family.


                  The Save Family option internally stores the spreadsheet data within the template part file. It does not save the template part file itself.


                  In order to save the template part containing this newly created Part Family Spreadsheet, you would also choose File→Save.


                  Since we do not use this part anywhere else we are not going to do that.

                  7.Close all parts.

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