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What is Femap?

Femap is the world's leading CAD-independent Windows-native pre- and post-processor for advanced finite element analysis (FEA). It provides engineers and analysts with an FEA modeling solution to handle even the most complex tasks easily, accurately, and affordable.

The Benefits of Femap

Femap Key Capabilities



Femap includes an impressive array of versatile modeling, display and visualization tools to aide finite model creation and verification prior to analysis. These options include, model transparency, clipping plane, dynamic graphics viewing, and interactive view options.


Simulation Preprocessing


Femap incorporates automatic 3D solid and surface meshers capable of producing top quality meshes the first time. Improve and update meshes on the go with the meshing toolbox.



Surface Meshing

Automatic Geometry Preparation

Femap's new automatic solid geometry cleanup capability can remove problematic geometry detail from a CAD model easily and with minimal effort, preventing the geometry in a form that can be meshed in one pass.


Automatic Geometry Preperation

Analysis Types

Included with the base module is, linear static analysis, normal modes analysis, heat transfer analysis, basic nonlinear analysis, buckling analysis, connectors and weld elements, linear contact, glued connection, and bolt preloads.

FEA Analysis


Femap offers a full-featured BASIC development environment in a separate window. You can create custom programs that automate repetitive tasks, search model or results data, or programs that transfer model information to Word or Excel to create customized reports. The BASIC engine is fully OLE/COM compliant.



Femap offers a wide variety of results processing tools to enable quick and efficient understanding of the behaviour of the system under analysis. Results from the Data Table allow advanced data handling and results combinations to be made after the analysis has completed.

Femap Modules and Packages:

Below is a table that shows the modules that come with base femap and the ones that are extensions.

Femap Modules and Packages

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