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What is Scan2CAD?

Scan2CAD is the most powerful software tool for intelligent, precise conversion of rough drawings and sketches to vectors. Avoid bottlenecks in design communication. From napkin sketches to poorly printed documents, clean, convert & edit your drawings with this market-leading software.

The Benefits of Scan2CAD


Scan2CAD Key Capabilities


Scan2CAD recognizes more drawing entities (lines, dashed lines, arcs, circles etc.) than most converters. By recognizing all these drawing entities Scan2CAD saves you more time than converters that make drawings up out of hundreds of short lines or just lines and arcs, as many do.

scanned drawing


Scan2CAD resolves many of the difficult recognition problems that produce poor and untidy results in other programs, the ones that take so long to tidy up in CAD.


Scan2CAD works on the basis that every conversion must follow your paper drawing with absolute precision wherever possible. Many low cost programs trace blindly over the image. Others try to make sense of this mess by post-processing the trace. In juggling it around they produce vectors that no longer follow the detail on your drawing. Scan2CAD stays true to the original detail.

drawing converted to vector


The diverse toolset within Scan2CAD makes edits to your drawings quick and simple. From raster tools such as draw, erase, cut/paste and move to an extensive vector editing toolset including precise Bezier curve control points, users have complete control. In addition, text recognition tools make edits to content, angle, size, origin and colour quick and easy.

vectors can now be edited

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Designfusion is the largest dedicated solution provider of Siemens PLM software in North America. With an expert support team and a decade of history in the industry designfusion is the #1 choice for companies looking to best enhance their software acquisition.

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