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Technical Training:

Why Train?

Knowledge and skills development are vital to the health of an organization. Among biggest measurable categories of training return on investment are:


• Productivity and performance gains

• Cost reduction

• Reduced downtime

• Eliminate product failures

• Less-frequent help desk calls

• Improved customer service

• Compliance

• Increased employee morale and retention


Indeed, for every dollar spent on training, there is an estimated $30 gain in productivity, according to studies conducted by Motorola.

Designfusion Training

Designfusion is a Siemens PLM Software Certified Training Partner and Solid Edge Training Associate (SETA) certified. Our dedicated training group delivers standard Siemens PLM Software training programs as well as customized training and mentoring for the entire Siemens PLM Software product lineup. Whether you're a designer, drafter, administrator, or programmer you'll find a course that gives you the skills to get the most out of your sophisticated technology tools.


We have the resources and reach to offer the following training choices:


• Transition training to facilitate upgrade of your development, manufacturing or PLM platform:

              ○ Solid Edge

              ○ NX (formerly Unigraphics)

              ○ Teamcenter

• Basic to expert levels in all of the Siemens PLM Software core technology areas

• Offsite or onsite classes

• Personalized training to ensure quick and efficient knowledge transfer

• Technical mentoring to address specific customer needs

• Custom manuals to suit customer requirements


Who will benefit from Designfusion training classes:


• Mechanical CAD engineers using Solid Edge or NX

• Manufacturing engineers, CAM operators using NX (formerly Unigraphics) or CAM Express

• FEA analysis experts using Femap or Solid Edge Simulation

• Organizations with deployed Teamcenter PLM products

Available Courses:

Solid Edge Courses:





Solid Edge Fundamentals

5 Days

The focus of this course is on making the novice user aware of the potential uses of production level solid modeling and the fundamental skills and concepts central to the use of Solid Edge.


At Course Completion students will have learned how to utilize Solid Edge to design production-level parametric models of parts, assemblies, detail drawings and document management. They will also be familiar with the Solid Edge user interface, adding features, sketching tools and various modeling techniques.

Solid Edge Synchronous Technology

3 Days

This course is designed to introduce current Solid Edge users to the new functionality in Solid Edge ST. Topics covered in this course include using the new interactive ST environment, using Live Rules to manage relationships on the go, and editing imported geometry.

Solid Edge Advanced Modeling

3 Days

This course is designed to teach the novice- to intermediate-user how to use advanced features in sketching, part modeling and sheet metal modeling. They will have a working knowledge of curve creation and surface modeling. This knowledge will improve their overall modeling skills allowing them to become more efficient and effective in their design work.

Solid Edge Advanced Assembly

3 Days

This course is designed to teach the novice- to intermediate-user how to create assemblies from Solid Models. The class covers all of the commands available in the Assembly environment, and it teaches both top-down and bottom-up assembly design.


At course completion, students will have learned how to apply all of the relationships used to construct assembly models. They will have learned how to assemble and edit parts that already exist, and how to create new parts within an assembly; how to create exploded views, cutaway views, simplified views, and custom views; how to manage very large assemblies; how to verify assembly integrity; how to design in the context of assemblies; and how to work with Alternate Assemblies.

Solid Edge Sheet Metal

2 Days

The focus of this course is on making the novice user aware of the potential uses of production level sheet metal design. The focus of this course is on the fundamental skills and concepts central to the use of Solid Edge Sheet Metal.


At Course Completion students will have learned how to utilize Solid Edge to design production level parametric sheet metal parts. They will also be familiar with the Solid Edge user interface, reference planes, profile/sketching tools and flat pattern drawing creation.

Solid Edge Simulation

2 Days

The course's objective is to give a complete and detailed tool set for Edgers starting to use the Simulation module. First, we teach how to prepare models for different types of finite element analysis and conditions. We also cover boundary conditions set-up for static linear stress, normal vibratory modes, buckling and steady state heat transfer. The course then touches on best practices  and tools for verifying the data, correcting errors and testing scenarios. Finally, students will be exposed to all the post-processing capabilities inside Solid Edge.

2 Days

Solid Edge Advanced Drafting

This course is designed to teach the intermediate-user how to use advanced features in the draft environment. The focus of this course is to give users a deeper understanding on how to manage and manipulate the views, dimensions, annotations, styles, and tables, in the Draft environment. Automation is also covered, teaching users how to be more efficient with the creation of their drawings.

2 Days

Solid Edge Technical Publications Fundamentals

This course is an introductory course for anyone wishing to learn how to use Solid Edge Technical Publications. The first day’s focus is on Illustrations module leaving the second day to cover 3D Publishing module. Users will be introduced to the basic skills needed to rapidly create technical documentation for their 3D projects.

NX Courses:





NX Fundamentals

5 Days

At the completion of Essentials for NX Designers the student will productively develop solid models, detail drawings and product assemblies. The class introduces assembly modeling in the context of a real-life scenario that includes parts modeled by the student as well as part models that have already been created. This reinforces the student's understanding of the flexibility of the solid modeling and assembly tool as it can be applied in the real world of product development collaboration. As with each course developed and taught by Siemens PLM Software professionals, the Essentials for NX Designers class capitalizes on Siemens PLM Software's intimate knowledge of the software's development and instructs the students based on the underlying principles incorporated within the NX software.

NX CAM Express Fundamentals

3 Days

After completing this course, students should be able to: create manufacturing assemblies, create parent group objects that supply information to operations, generate, verify, and post tool paths, and much more.

Teamcenter Courses:





Teamcenter Administration

5 Days

Teamcenter® Application and Data Model Administration addresses configuration of the Teamcenter data model and setup of the Teamcenter environment to meet your company’s needs through the Business Modeler IDE and through data and process implementation scenarios. You will learn how to configure the Business Modeler IDE to extend the data model. Data model extensions covered in this course include creating business objects, classes, options, list of values, constants, and rules. You will learn how to input business data and process models into a Teamcenter environment.

Using Teamcenter

3 Days

Using Teamcenter introduces the concept of product lifecycle management (PLM), provides instruction on working in the rich client interface, and the basics of using a suite of Teamcenter® software applications and perspectives. These perspectives include My Teamcenter, Structure Manager, Classification, embedded viewer, Change Manager, and Relation Browser.

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